TALiNT Benchmark Programme 2020

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Your Scores

Your total Benchmark Index score is made up as follows:

Assessment TitleMax. ScoreYour ScorePriority RankYour Score (%)Cohort Ranking
Candidate Experience3570=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/357)*100),1)
Deployment of Systems and Technology6000=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/600)*100),1)
Diversity and Inclusion2800=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/280)*100),1)
Employer Brand and Candidate Attraction2070=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/207)*100),1)
Employment Flexibility1000=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/100)*100),1)
Line Manager Interaction1900=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/190)*100),1)
Recruitment Planning and Effectiveness2600=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/260)*100),1)
Recruitment Supply Chain Effectiveness3600=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/360)*100),1)
Screening, Assessment and Selection3100=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/310)*100),1)
Youth and Graduate Engagement2420=ROUND((SUM({{row.your_score}}/242)*100),1)
Your total Benchmark index score is:

Introduction and Overview

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Key Issues and Commentary

Candidate Exp

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Conclusions and Further Resources

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Aerospace and Defence
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Building and Construction
Commercial and Retail Banking
Consumer Goods
Energy and Oil
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
HR and Recruitment
Insurance, Fund Management and Investment Management
Investment Banking
Legal – Large Firms
Legal – Midmarket
Management Consulting
Manufacturing and Engineeering
Media and Advertising
Medical Devices
Not for Profit and Charity
Property and Real Estate Activities
Public Sector
Retail – Food
Retail – Luxury and High End
Retail – High Street
Restaurants, Hospitality, Food & Drink
Software and IT Services
Support Services – Professional and Scientific
Support Services – Admin and Support
Telecomms and Tech
Tourism, Travel and Leisure
Trade Bodies
Transport and Storage