We’re on the same journey - let’s walk together

If you believe the headlines, the process of applying for a new job is portrayed as a battle of wills. On one side is the immediate, “hit the ground running” requirement of the role and the line manager, on the other are the career aspirations, financial needs and values of the candidate. Is this true? 

taking care of your employer brand

With top talent having a choice of job offers, building a brand which creates both aspiration and inspiration is critical to win the best candidate against competitors. 

Recruitment outsourcing - avoiding the pitfalls

Whether you are looking to outsource all or just a part of your recruitment, or you are considering changing your talent solution provider, it can be a daunting prospect and hard to know where to start. There are specific mistakes which in the best case can add delays to your purchase decision, and in the worst case can completely derail the whole process. Here are some helpful hints to save you time and effort from the get-go.

mission inclusion - a shared ambition

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there was compelling evidence to show that DE&I fell down the priority list for organisations amidst a tidal wave of more pressing challenges. Yet the importance of inclusivity and diverse representation, and the benefits to both culture and commercial success, have proven to be more resilient than initially feared, and it is clear that DE&I is as important to employers in 2022 as it ever was.

ESG - The new frontier in talent solutions

While rapid progress is being made by some, our Talent Solutions Power List shows there is still some way to go, but helping employers enhance and deploy good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies will improve employers’ ability to find and keep the people they need and help talent solutions firms win more business. 

building bridges to the best talent acquisition technology

One of the most interesting developments in the TA/Resourcing world in recent years is the incredible capability of talent solutions providers to assess and deploy HR and Talent tech on behalf of their clients.


Whether it is the ability to scan the market of thousands of individual tech suppliers to create an integrated suite of services, selecting an end-to-end global enterprise solution or, augmenting existing platforms with enhanced capability to meet a specific resourcing challenge, it is now a core comepteince of any outsourcing supplier.


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